I am happy to announce that soon, Charlotte the Pup Volume 1 (Books 1 to 10) will be published by Partridge Publishing, a division of Penguin Random House.

Watch this space for more announcements. Meanwhile, if you’re not familiar with #CharlotteThePup , #HappyBindi or #HandsomeToto , they are just three of my wonderful kids; I have had eight, besides twenty-eight foster kids.

Here’s a brief description of what happens in Charlotte the Pup Volume 1…

Charlotte, the adorable Shih Tzu, is loved and adored by her “parents”. As with all doggies, she is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. Go on this journey with Charlotte and she will tell you how doggies find refuge in The Magical Garden from their worldly fears.

Read about how Charlotte takes her Daddy to The Magical Garden, about how he is reunited with all his pups and about how Charlotte and her family save The Magical Garden from terror, ruin and darkness. Join Charlotte on her journeys of discovery as she experiences new facilities in The Magical Garden and as new games are created for canine pleasure. Let Charlotte tell you about how doggies deal with the feline menace and about what happens when her good friend, Joe, goes missing.

Charlotte will tell you about a fresh attempt by dragons to ruin the world, about how she is caught between two worlds, about her wedding and parenthood, about a new threat to The Magical Garden and about how she is plunged, inextricably it seems, into another dimension by an evil magician.

Charlotte’s Daddy, unable to contain his anger at being bamboozled by the arrogant magician, collapses into a coma. Meanwhile, Charlotte can see everything and hear everything but everyone in the world is oblivious to her presence. She cannot even go to The Magical Garden and no one knows where she is.

Will Charlotte’s Daddy ever recover? How will her Mommy manage on her own? Will Charlotte ever return? How will this affect her family?

 Truly, this is a magical tale of the magic of doggies.

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