About the Author

Creator of Dawgie Tales and Three Chapter Readers. Author of the Charlotte the Pup series, Happy Bindi, Unconditional, 37 Kisses, Midiots and The Don’tion Imperative. Soon to be released – Ruby Valley Mystery, Frankenswine, The Alien Connection and more…


Proudly Malaysian, J.Christian was brought up in a family that is proficient in the English Language, though it is a second language to them. His career took him through various industries and culminated in the establishment of his own business that provides training, management consultancy and editorial services.

Engaging in editorial work and enamoured of his adorable pet, Charlotte the Shih Tzu, he was drawn towards writing. He started with the range called Dawgie Tales, which includes the #CharlotteThePup series and #HappyBindi . He has  completed ten books in the series, as well as a compilation of the said ten books. He is now continuing to write more books in the series, besides having completed titles from other genres.

The author takes great pains to write in a style that can be understood by the younger generations, while also catering somewhat to the sophisticated literary palates of more mature readers. His main purpose in writing is to encourage the habit of reading, which he feels has been adversely affected by the onward march of technology. To this end, he also writes books that are not lengthy or burdensome, like the Three Chapter Readers books.


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